About Us

About Us

RadYes is the quintessential social commerce tool for online sales. It provides brands with a complete ecosystem to get orders from social media platforms, search engines, and websites.

It also offers seamless integration with third-party partners, ensuring users get the full eCommerce experience without exiting their social media app. In addition to being fully customizable, RadYes comes packed with a powerful analytics dashboard and features like loyalty, discounts, contactless dining, chatbot and much more.

This plug-and-play solution gives exclusive online visibility to brands in a crowded marketplace and shifts the control over brand and data back into the merchants’ hands.

An essential addition to the marketing stack, you can make customer acquisition more efficient and less expensive by using the RadYes link in ad campaigns to target affinity-based audiences and track online user behavior.

Users can browse through products, place an order, complete the payment, and track their order status without being redirected, ensuring a pleasant online brand experience.