The RadYes Advantage

The social eCommerce revolution every business wants.

  • #Social engagement

    #Social engagement

    Supercharge your social media handles and use them to promote and sell simultaneously. Through hyper-targeting, we engage followers who are keen to interact with your brand. A delightful checkout experience ensures that you have a loyal set of brand advocates to build the ultimate brand recall.

  • #Conversion


    RadYes creates custom content for you that is marketed on social media with a clear CTA to “buy now”. Scheduled posts in identified geographies and demographics, ensures a drastic increase in conversion rates. Convenience of single-platform checkout makes the shopping experience seamlessly integrated into your social media profile.

  • #Order fulfillment

    #Order fulfillment

    Enjoy the convenience of one dashboard to monitor the entire order fulfillment cycle. From order placement to delivery, you receive periodic updates and real-time information from a single entity. In addition to this, our chat support ensures that you get the support you want exactly when you need it.