This National Day Weekend Will Be Unlike Any Other

If you own a restaurant in UAE, you know what usually happens on National Day weekends. There’s hardly anyone left in town to order from your restaurant. Your sales dip, your tables are empty, and most likely, your staff is on leave too. You’d be lucky to get any orders at all. But this time, the long National Day weekend promises to be quite different.

The world is slowly recovering from the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. While a lot of industries have opened up again, travel remains, for obvious reasons, shuttered. No one’s going anywhere in a hurry these days. Business travel has been relegated to the extreme essentials only and leisure travel has all but stopped. This travel lockdown means that a lot of people are going to be in town this weekend. And they’re going to want to celebrate the National Day. By ordering food. And that is where you come in.

You should gear up for a noticeable spike in orders this long weekend. There are estimates that this particular weekend will overtake all other long weekends in terms of order volumes, sales, and new customers.

While this sounds like a gold mine for you as a restaurant owner, you should know that the food delivery aggregator on which you are listed will also view this as a gold mine. You should expect a hike in your already bloated sales commissions.

Sales commissions for food delivery aggregator apps start at an exorbitant 25% and go up to 45% and sometimes even 50%. That means that you would be paying them half of your earnings, on every order! That’s not sustainable for you. It just doesn’t make any sense.

You should consider setting up your restaurant on a social selling platform like RadYes, which does everything an aggregator does, including marketing and advertising, payments, fulfillment, order tracking, and more, and charges ZERO commissions on sales. That means you get to keep every dollar you earn.

At Radyes, we recognize the effort and time it takes to build a successful business like yours, and we want to make sure that you do justice to that effort. The returns on the sweat, blood, and tears you have invested in your business should not be paid to a third-party aggregator for doing almost nothing. Those returns rightfully belong to you.

If you want to explore RadYes on a no-commitment basis, try it out, and see the impact for yourself, sign up before the 5th of December. It’s completely free for a whole month and you can opt-out anytime if it doesn’t work for you. Give it a shot.

Schedule a demo today or click here to know more about RadYes.

Enjoy the long weekend and stay safe!

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